Hitta detta fina duschdraperi på lite skoj om man har folk hemma oxå, så har de nått att läsa i det finns väl finare....fler exempel kommer duschdraperier verkligen intresserar nå men kul att det finns massa olika iaf=)


För er som inte ser vad det står så är texten....

"Us shower curtains are like doctors and gynaecologists, there is simply nothing we haven´t seen before. Standing under the warm pulsating jets of water without your clothes on, we can honestly say the mystery, like Elvis, has well and truly left the building. So you can forget holding your stomack in, don´t worry about your hairy back, your third nipple, your larger than average feet, your smaller then average... Actually, on second thoughts you should worry about that, and instead concentrate on getting clean and fresh, and pray that no one goes and flushes the downstair´s toilet and effects the water temperature. owwwwww! oh, too late."

Postat av: Mathilda

haha, najs!

2008-04-12 @ 22:31:01

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